2016 Women's 20km Race Walk Olympics 8/12/2016 "Rio Dejaneiro, Brazil" Page 2 of 10

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Melville in pursuit following a similar philosophy, starting in 63rd and moving up to 56th.

The leaders started pushing the pace, dropping 5 seconds per lap from their previous pace.

Michta-Coffey walking her race coming through 10km at 46:23 and 25th place

The quicker pace dropped two more walkers and we were down to 13 in the front.

Michta-Coffey continueing to tick off the kilometers.

Melville in 47th by 10km, came through in 47:30.

Lead pack cooling off

Lead pack leaving the water station.

Melville walking past as many as she can.

Past 14k (1:03:01), a different walker continually took the helm, but more important than who was in the lead was who wasn't able to keep up, the pack was down to 7.

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