2012 US Olympic Trials - Men's 50km Race Walk Photo Story

The short 1.25K loop made watching the race all the more dramatic. Rolling past 42K Seaman was breathing down Nunn's neck and it looked like we would have a classic battle. Nunn would later describe it as two heavy weights going punch for punch. Ali vs. Fraiser had nothing on Nunn vs. Seaman.

Nunn hoping to hang on and become a two-time Olympian

Seaman had his own goals, three-time Olympian sounded good to him

Shorey continued pressing from behind

James may not have been in a position to win, but the local cheerleaders didn't care

Stroupe with the classic look of a late 50K walker

James muscling through the last ~10K

Nunn still holding onto his lead, but it was shrinking fast

A confident Seaman executing his plan flawlessly

Nunn's lead all but gone, there was still over 8K to go. That's why they say the 50K starts at 40K.
Few who make their move earlier do not live to regret it

Seaman taking his turn past the cheerleaders around 42K

Those that know Seaman know that his signature move is the turning of the hat. It signals checkmate!
Just past the start finish line, Seaman countered Nunn's move with one of his own.

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