2012 US Olympic Trials - Men's 50km Race Walk Photo Story

Nunn's move looked decisive, but would it be enough and could he hang on? In the past we've seen many a bold move cost the perpetrator dearly as the kilometers passed. Nunn wasn't competing against rookies, but seasoned world class athletes who would exploit any mistake.

Nunn looked in control settling back into a reasonable pace

Seaman by no means looked finished,
if anything he looked more determined than ever

While Shorey couldn't match their pace, he was still close
enough to stike if Nunn's move turned out to be a misstep

Taylor-Talcott continued her personal battle

Nunn cruising past 40K

Seaman ensuring he doesn't get out of reach

As the laps ticked away, Shorey looked content for third

Cordero continued hard, but wasn't a factor for the lead

Nunn showing signs that his move may have been too early

Seaman getting ready for a move of his own

Miranda Melville out supporting her coach

Team Nunn excited for their man

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