2012 US Olympic Trials - Men's 50km Race Walk Photo Story

Our pack of four would be no more with the real race just starting.

Mannozzi was all work at the aid stations. For the record that's his drink not blood or worse on his jersey

Mannozzi dispatching another gel

Nunn starting to flirt with pulling away

Stroupe trying to hang on

There's a reason they say the 50K starts at 40K

43x National Champion Seaman still looks in control

Shorey is the next of the pack to go

McGovern is never one to be easy to forget. He was still out there giving it everything he had.

By 38K Nunn makes a decisive move and drops from 5:00/K pace to ~4:38/K leaving Seaman in the dust

Seaman, unfazed by Nunn's move, continues
on pace and with his plan

Shorey was still walking well and had to
hope that Nunn made his move too soon

The years, and jokes, were catching up with Allen James

Cordero was still in the hunt and still in position for a berth on the World Cup Team

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