2012 US Olympic Trials - Men's 50km Race Walk Photo Story

With more and more kilometers under their feet, one has to be amazed with how effortless elite race walkers make it look.

John Nunn's Olympic Rings. You can never take the title away, once an Olympian, always an Olympian

Our pack really didn't miss a step

Nunn and Stroupe making it look easy

Seaman looks like he's out for a Sunday stroll

Shorey doesn't look too shabby himself

Taylor-Talcott had many goals. She also set her sights
on Susan Armenta's Women's 50K record of 4:39:39

Nunn and Shorey look like they are in complete control

Stroupe moving to the back of the pack and starting to show the effort

Taylor-Talcott focusing on technique while also aiming for the
35K record as a in-route milestone.

Arizona's best helping out with water

Mannozzi sucking major air

Stroupe still jockeying in the front

The fancy footwork of America's best race walkers

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