2012 - 20K Olympic Trials Race Walks Photo Story

Christie does indeed take his turn in front of Nunn, tasting a podium spot for the first time.

Christie Moves into Third - 20K Men's Olympic Race Walking Trials

John Nunn, now a 50K specialist (ok, maybe just for the season), put in many miles over recent weeks and has battled tight hamstrings. Walking strong, we hoped they wouldn't become a problem.

Nunn - 20K Men's Olympic Race Walking Trials

Feeling strong, Serianni seperates himself from the back of the field and starts to target those ahead of him.

Seriani - 20K Men's Olympic Race Walk Trials

Whatley, Sorensen, Shorey and Wiseman dropping laps together.

Pack - Men's 20K Olympic Race Walking Trials

Shorey still recovering from the World Cup, didn't train "AT ALL" for this race and was hoping to cruise to a good time. He hopes to dedicate much more time to training for 2016.

Shorey - 20K Men's Olympic Race Walking Trials

Whatey demonstrating skilled technique at the aid station.

Whatley Refreshments - 20K Men's Olympic Trials Race Walk

Nunn always looks strong and nailed to the ground.

John Nunn - 20K Men's Olympic Race Walking Trials

The men's 20K story continues...

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