2012 - 20K Olympic Trials Race Walks Photo Story

With 2K completed, our leaders came through in 8:34 (approximately a 1:25:40pace for 20K) with Nunn and Christie still in th hunt.

20K Men's Olympic Trials Race Walk

Ian "Facial Expression" Whatley, another wiley veteran sandwiched himself between Josh Wiseman and Junior Tyler Sorrenson.

Ian Whatley - 20K Men's Olympic Race Walking Trials

Tyler Sorrenson isn't just talented at race walking, he's also pretty good with the silicon. Computer silicon that is, he's headed to Stanford this Fall with thoughts of majoring in Computer Science.

Tyler Sorreson

Dan Serianni found is stride in the middle of the field and was pacing comfortably.

Dan Seriani - 20K Men's Race Walk

Whatley, Wiseman and Sorensen walking together with Wiseman and Whatley taking turns at the lead.

Pack - 20K Men's Olympic Trials for Race Walking

Christie was very content to learn from the two-time Olympian Nunn and just drafted on his heels.

Nunn and Christie - 20K Men's Race Walk Olympic Trials

In contrast, Seaman was more than willing to take his share of the lead from Barron, pushing under 1:40/lap pace thus lowering the pace to a 1:23:30 per lap. Still slower than the Olympic A standard, but strategically exactly where they wanted to be.

The men's 20K story continues...

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