2012 US 40km Nationals Photo Story

Despite the early weather forecasts of horrific weather and the dourpours the day before, the skies cleared fora group of dedicated race walkers to toe the line at the 74th Annual 40km USATF National Championship. 40 competitors started, although not all intended to complete the near marathon distance. One of the great advantages of the 40km is that meet director Elliot Denman let's everyone walk just about any distance. It fills the field nicely in an event that otherwise might not attract such great numbers. It also allows younger (as well as older) walkers to compete alongside national and international class race walkers.

Dave McGovern
6th Place - Dave McGovern, World Class Racewalking (4:16:30, 1st 45-49)

Max Walker
7th Place - Max Walker, Pegasus AC (4:20:04, 2nd 65-69)

Rod Craig
8th Place - Rod Craig, Pegasus AC (4:29:12, 3rd 50-54)

Alexis Davidson
9th Place - Alexis Davidson, Brooklyn, NYC (4:32:29, 1st 55-59)

Bill Vayo
10th Place - Bill Vayo, Shore AC (4:39:20, 2nd 45-49)

Bruce Logan
11th Place - Bruce Logan, Park Walkers, NYC (4:46:40, 3rd 45-49)

Tim Chelius
12th Place - Tim Chelius, Shore AC (5:04:27, 4th 50-54)

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