2010 Penn Relays - Men's 10km Photo Story

The women's race walk proved to be a battle of generations.  Taking the lead confidently from the start was Rachel Seaman (formerly Lavallee), Canada's best female race walker. Sitting on her heels was America's best race walker, 2008 Olympian Joanne Dow. Dow has close to 20 years on the younger Seaman and she showed how age sometimes begets wisdom. Dow sat from lap 1 until the bell lap right behind Seaman. When the bell rang, Dow took off and never looked back. She pulled away by almost 10 seconds in route to back to back titles at Penn. The duo were not alone as Maria Michta, Lauren Forgues and Erin Bresnahan all walked under 24 and are the future of American race walking.

The junior event was contested at the same time and saw stellar performances from Abby Dunn, Erika Shaver, and Croby Tillman who lead a packed field with many talented young walkers.

The Masters race is always difficult to qualify for given the tough standard, still Maryanne Daniel and Panse Geer walked great races.

Rachel Seaman and Joanne Dow
Rachel Seaman and Joanne Dow leading the field
  Abby Dunn
Abby Dunn leading the junior division


Maria Michta
Maria Michta walking strongly in 3rd place
  Panse Geer
Panse Geer walking in the masters division


Erika Shaver
Erika Shaver walking strongly in 2nd of the junior division
  Crosby Tillman
Crosby Tillman (50) finished third in the junior race


Lauren Forgues
Lauren Forgues back on track after a few injuries
  Lindsay Herman
Lindsay Herman was the sole local race walker

Joanne Dow
Joanne Dow receives her watch, AGAIN!

Olympic Development Women's 5K Racewalk Event 172
PR LaGrange 20:56.88 1996 Michelle Rohl

PL ID Athlete School/Affiliation Mark
1 3 Joanne Dow unattached 22:19.91
2 1 Rachel Seaman Ontario Racewalkers 22:30.40
3 2 Maria Michta WalkUSA 22:55.55
4 4 Lauren Forgues Champions International 23:28.96
5 6 Erin Bresnahan WalkUSA 23:59.07
6 5 Jessica Ching Lindenwood University 24:10.85
7 9 Janelle Brown Cornerstone University 25:16.76
8 8 Susan Randall World Class Racewalking 25:24.62
9 10 Olivia Lapham Penfield Athletic Club 25:48.77
10 13 Lindsay Herman unattached 27:08.28
11 12 Katie Malinowski Cornerstone University 27:29.72
12 14 Alexis Gutterman Lindenwood University 28:01.33

Masters Women 5K Racewalk Event 173
PL ID Athlete School/Affiliation Mark
1 20 Maryanne Daniel Connecticut Racewalkers 26:47.85
2 21 Panseluta Geer Shore Athletic Club 32:15.94

Junior Women's 5K Racewalk Event 174
PL ID Athlete School/Affiliation Mark
1 41 Abby Dunn Maine Racewalkers 25:34.15
2 40 Erika Shaver Miami Valley Track Club 26:16.61
3 50 Crosby Tillman Somers HS 26:40.84
4 42 Molly Josephs WalkUSA 27:37.06
5 48 Courtney Williams Maine Racewalkers 27:57.58
6 51 Rachael Tylock Penfield HS 28:03.80
7 47 Reini Brickson Miami Valley Track Club 28:13.14
8 46 Nicole Court-Melendez Maine Racewalkers 28:28.96
9 45 Cristine Kubus Penfield HS 30:29.64
10 44 Hannah Kisley Raleigh Walkers 30:29.87
11 49 Mercedes Mancha Saint Xavier University 30:36.35
12 52 Alyssa DeNisco Minisink Valley HS 30:55.87

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