2010 Women's Millrose Race Walk Photo Story

2010 - Women's Millrose Games

Lord Vader
Lord Vader looking over the athletes for infractions


For a race walker, competing at Madison Square Garden and the Millrose Games is an experience like seldom else in the race walking world. The uniqueness comes from a 20,000 person stadium sitting on top of a tiny very bouncy banked 11 lap to the mile track where we race a distance not normally associated with race walking outside of high school.  The old cliché that the track is the ultimate equalizer is especially true at the Garden. The short distance of the race gives youngsters a shot at beating the vets, while the bouncy curved track can wreak havoc with one's technique.

Today's races featured plenty of veterans and upstarts. The women's race was first with last year's champion, Canadian's best woman walker Rachel Seaman a favorite against veteran walker Teresa Vaill, Loretta McGovern, and up and coming star Maria Michta.

As always, it's a crowded venue, even with just eleven starters stepping up to the line. In a longer race, getting a good jump is not as essential, but an ill-positioned start can force you to be crammed between people or cause you to be forced outside and therefore up the curve. However, racing at the Garden is a balance. Adrenaline pumps and it's very easy to be tempted to blast out of the gates. Given the odd track size, it's difficult to get your bearings as to pace. This is one race where experience walking on "the boards" really helps.


Women's 1 Mile Race Walk Start - Milrose Games
Start of the women's race walk at the Millrose Games

The race started out without a favorite taking the lead, so Erin Taylor charged ahead for a lap of glory as she led the field. As the laps quickly were traversed, Loretta McGovern took command with Vaill and  Seaman willing to lay in wait. With uncharacteristic patience, Vaill didn't blast but instead paced with McGovern. Of the three Seaman looked the most relaxed, but not for long.

With a few laps to go (less than a 1/4 mile on this track) Vaill challenged McGovern. Quickly the top US walker took command and just as quickly Seaman took it from her. Seaman pulled away in complete control looking like she could have kept going.

Erin Taylor in the Lead at the Millrose Games
Erin Taylor with the Early Lead
  Loretta McGovern Takes Control
Loretta McGovern Takes Control


McGovern Still in Control
McGovern Comfortably in Control
  Vaill Makes her Move
Vaill Makes her Move

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