2009 Penn Relays - Men's 10km Photo Story

Open Division

Place Athlete School/Affiliation Mark
1 Richard Luettchau Shore AC 46:33.02
2 Theron Kissinger Unattached 48:06.08
3 Michael Batholomew Walk USA 54:22.41
The open men's 10K race had only a few, but tough, competitors. Richard Luettchau took the lead from the start, but Theron Kissinger kept within striking distance for most of the race. With about a mile to go, Luettchau was in complete control. Luettchau stated after the race that with a few laps to go he knew he had it as long as he didn't do anything stupid. Cruising into victory, Leuttchau looked confident and smooth. Michael Batholomew also competed, however as a 50K specialist, the speed got to him and he cramped up midway through the race.

Richard Luettchau knew if he walked smart he had the
race and the coveted gold watch won.
Crossing the line, Luettchau jesters with the excitement of victory.

Theron Kissinger
Michael Batholomew

Masters Division

Place Athlete School/Affiliation Mark
1 David Talcott Shore AC 52:12.06
2 Douglas Johnson Kentucky Racers 54:03.65
The masters men's 10K saw just two competitors, but they battled fiercely until Doug Johnson received to DQ cards. Johnson backed off and finished the race, leaving Dave Talcott to take the divisional title.
Dave Talcott
Doug Johnson

Junior Division

Place Athlete School/Affiliation Mark
1 Tyler Sorensen Pleasanton Heat 50:45.68
2 Evan Crowdus Kentucky Racers 54:11.25
3 Dan Andreasen Unattached 54:13.47
4 John Randall Miami Valley TC 56:24.63
The junior men's 10K race saw the most competitors and some of the biggest action. While Tyler Sorensen marched away to an easy victory, it was 2nd place finisher Evan Crowdus that got the cheers of the crowd. Crodus keeled over with about 100 meters to go, tossed his preverbial cookies, stumbled, but managed to hold off Dan Andresean to maintain second place.
Tyler Sorensen
Dan Andreasen
Evan Crowdus painting the track
Crowdus attempting to recover.
Evan Crowdus painting the track
John Randall
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