2008 50km USA Race Walk - Olympic Trials Photo Story

Ben Shorey and Steve Quirke were teammates at the University of Wisconsin, Parkside and they were teammate for 49.9999K of the 50K US Race Walk Olympic Trials. With neither walker in striking range of first or second and neither having walked a time close enough to the minimum standard needed to score a birth on the Olympic Team, the trials race was for a place on the 50K World Cup team. This made the "battle" between them insignificant. As such, both athletes walked stride for stride until Shorey pulled away in the final straight. The two enjoyed the race, with Quirke even playing the air guitar to the "rocking" music blasted near the start finish line.

Quirke and Shorey
Shorey and Quirke
Shorey and Quirke
Ben Shorey and Steve Quirke walking together.

Shorey and Quirke
Shorey and Quirke
Shorey and Quirke
Shorey and Quirke together before and after the finish line.

Shorey and Quirke Quirke Shorey


Steve Quirke

Quirke struggled down the last straight and literally walked with his eyes closed

Shorey Finishing Quirke

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