2008 50km USA Race Walk - Olympic Trials Photo Story

In the heat of Miami, the racers needed to balance the intake of fluids to stave off dehydration, while ensuring they didn't over hydrate and develop other problems. Aid stations were on both sides of the course. Most athletes used the first station to replenish their needs with water, fluids, and nutritional supplements that they personally brought. The second station was an ice and water depot, mostly used to cool down the overheated athletes. Fortunately, the clouds rolled in and prevented the day from being absolutely brutal. Only one person was confirmed to have hurled his goods, although echoes of another heave resonated across the park late in the race.

Philip Dunn
Yariv Theron Kissenger
Everyone trying to stay cool!

Dave McGovern
John Soucheck
Curt Clasuen
Water water everywhere.
Clausen icing down after his longest
50K Olympic Trials

Evoniak sucking down some fluids

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