2008 50km USA Race Walk - Olympic Trials Photo Story

"It's the trials," Marco Evoniak said. Three simple words that captured the essance of the day. In any race a multitude of stories unfold simultaneously, however at the Olympic Trials, those stories are magnified with an intensity second to none. Instead of highlighting a straight chronological recap of the days events, here is a montage of photographs highlighting many of those stories. Each story contains its own page, click and enjoy!

Start of the 50K Olympic Trials Race Walk
Philip Dunn
Philip Dunn, heavy favorite.
Matt Boyles
Philip Dunn and Matt Boyles
Matt Boyles, the challenger.
The battle between Dunn and Boyles.


More photos of Curt Clausen, Dave McGovern, John Soucheck, Marco Evoniac, Mark Green, Ray Sharp, Theron Kissinger, Yariv Pomeranz, the Parkside Duo and some additional random shots.

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