2007 Penn Relays Race Walking Photo Story

Under heightened security and a dense fog, these years Penn Relays’ race walks went off without a hitch. In recent years the weather has been cold, rainy, and down right miserable. Fortunately, this year the weather was pleasant, albeit quiet foggy. Still the dense fog created a surreal atmosphere as the men’s 10K race walk prepared to start. The event, like in recent years, was three races in one: an open event, junior event, and masters event.

Men's 10K Race Walk
Right from the start, two-time Penn Relays winner and recent Pan Am Cup competitor Matt Boyles took the lead and never allowed anyone to question whether or not he would earn his third gold Penn Relays watch.While 1st place was pretty much in the bag from lap one, the race for second proved to be the most exciting. For a while it was a pack, lead by Theron Kissinger and Chris Tegtmeier, but also in the mix was Richard Luettchau. It was absolutely great to see two college walkers up in the thick of things. Tegtmeier, who has only been walking four months, is from Concordia University where his coach Steve Hoger is a former race walker. Luettchau is from Stocken State University in NJ where Coach Bill Preston has been very supportive of race walking.

While Luettchau could not stay with Kissinger and Tegtmeier till the end both Kissinger and Tegtmeier battled to within 800 meters of the end of the race. Tegtmeier, young, inexperienced and very strong, muscled his way to a second place finish at the relays.

Meanwhile, a little more quietly, in the middle of the pack of walkers our division leaders walked well. Trevor Barron representing South Park Track Club won the junior division in a time of 50:25 while our masters winner Doug Johnson represented the Kentucky Racers with a time of 51:58.

Matthew Boyles - Three Time Penn Relays 10K Race Walk Champion

Chris Tegtmeier and Theron Kissinger

Trevor Barron

Doug Johnson

Complete Results - 10K Men's Race Walk

Place Bib # Name Affiliation Time
1 8 Matt Boyles Miami Vall TC 42:22.51
2 2 Chris Tegtmeier Concordia 46:25.89
3 5 Theron Kissinger Unattached 46:30.96
4 4 Richard Luettchau Richard Stockton 47:09.70
5 3 Michael Kazmierczak Rhode Island 48:23.26
6 43 Trevor Barron South Park TC 50:25.99
7 21 Douglass Johnson Kentucky Racers 51:58.76
8 1 Michael Batholomew Walk USA 52:32.77
9 42 Matthew Forgues Maine RW 52:33.40
10 40 Evan Crowdus Kentucky RW 53:07.78
11 41 Tyler Campbell Maine RW 57:40.05

Please note, open competitors have #'s from 1-10, Masters competitors have #'s from 20-30 and Junior Competitors have #'s from 40-50.

After the race, Matt Boyles was interviewed by the Philadelphia NBC affiliate as well as by the Philadelphia Daily News. While neither had coverage of Matt's interview, sources say that the event was actually show on TV as the introduced the coverage of the Penn Relays. All in all, I was incredibly impressed with the respect the race walk was given. With heightened security the Relays staff took extra effort to ensure the race walkers needs were met. Kudos to them and all the volunteers that made a very chaotic day a bit more managable.





Women's 5K Race Walk
The women’s race, often overcrowded in recent years, saw tougher entry standards leading to a smaller, more manageable field. It’s a wonderful problem to have, and a rare one in race walking, to have too many walkers. However, the Penn Relays are a track meet and we are striving to have no more that 24 competitors. This year we hit that number of finishers in a well contested event.

From the gun it looked like we were going to have a battle on our hands with Maria Michta and Solomiya Login taking the lead from the gun. Close behind were Laura Feller and Susan Randall. After a few short laps, Michta, like Boyles, took command and never relinquished it. She is also like Boyles in that she competed in the Pan Am Race Walking Cup last week. It was Michta’s first victory at Penn and like Boyles, she hopes to win it more than once.

As there are very few longer races for high school and junior girls, the Penn Relays’ Race Walk has always focused on the younger competitors. With a slightly reduced, but more competitive field, Diana Raldo not only dominated the other juniors by over a minute, but she finished 4 th overall.

In the masters race, there were four very qualified competitors, but none more so than the 2007 Penn Relays champion, Maryann Daniel, who has an impressive list of accomplishments that include many national records and international teams.

Complete Results - 5K Women's Race Walk

Place Bid # Name Affiliation Time
1 8 Maria Michta CW Post 23:35.89
2 2 Laura Feller unattached 25:04.53
3 4 Solomiya Login unattached 25:12.32
4 49 Diana Rado unattached 26:09.24
5 5 Lorraine Horgan Walk USA 26:34.00
6 1 Susan Randall Miami Valley 26:36.82
7 7 Po-Man Lo Virginia Intermont 26:38.99
8 21 Maryanne Daniel CT Walkers 26:52.07
9 50 Pamela Alva unattached 27:09.02
10 40 Amanda Johnson Wilson 27:15.37
11 53 Chelsea Conway East Ridge 27:55.19
12 54 Dana Vered unattached 28:56.45
13 46 Christie Bernier Auburn RC 29:16.74
14 6 Theresa Amerman Indiana RW 29:24.98
15 44 Arame Mbodj New Rochelle 29:25.57
16 23 Rebecca Garson unattached 29:40.65
17 48 Nina Ang Stuyvesant 30:09.37
18 45 Morgan Giles New Rochelle 30:18.96
19 22 Ginger Armstrong CT Walkers 30:49.25
20 47 Natasha Potkin unattached 30:53.24
21 51 Nina Pasquarelli Watonville 30:59.91
22 20 Panseluta Geer Shore AC 31:17.33
23 41 Sara Adams Maine RW 31:35.48
24 52 Kelsey Burglund Walk USA 32:00.79

Please note, open competitors have #'s from 1-19, Masters competitors have #'s from 20-30 and Junior Competitors have #'s from 40-60.

Lead Pack
Maria Michta and Solomiya Login
Laura Feller

Maria Michta
Solomiya Login
Susan Randall
Diana Rado
Maryanne Daniel
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