2006 Penn Relays - Post Race Festivities Photo Story

So I know most of you couldn't care less about the races on the track and want to know what happened after at my place. It was actually a small realtively quiet affair with the Canadians running scared back across the border and not up for the kayak challenge, Ay. So it became a battle of the ages. Teams of 5. Dave McGovern, Mike Roth, myself, Matt Dewitt, and Dave Burns (Taylor's Dad) vs. Loretta Schuellein, Lauren Forgues, Aaron Caroll, Ren Morse, and Taylor Burns.

It was a battle for the ages. First Dave and Loretta went at it, with Dave giving us the lead. We were quite confident at this point. That is until Mike "I wanted to make it interesting" Roth took over. Lauren smoked his ass, putting us way behind. So I took over to attempt to catch us up, but Aaron was too strong. Matt tried to close the gap on Ren, but only dented it. Then it was Father vs. son. Dave quickly closed on his son and it looked all wrapped up, but a bad turn and it was neck and neck all the way to the finish.

What a finish, maybe an a few inches seperated our competitors. Who won you ask. Look below at the one of the Loser team chopping a tree down as that was the price for losing.

On an interesting note, we all played clean and no one ended up in the lake. Oh, I mean during the race. Aaron started to horse around with Lauren in the boat. Knowing that its oh so easy to lose control I got my camera and wasn't dissappointed. Trying to make amends, Aaron got Lauren flowers. Alas it was not enough, because after a nice warm hot tubbing session she dumped the ice bucket on him. They are now officially even.







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