2004 USA 15km Race Walking Nationals Photo Story

Welcome to the's photo story coverage of the 2004 15K Nationals. (Click on the images below to see larger photographs of each thumbnail.) A beautiful day for watching and picture taking the sunny Rhode Island course proved to be a bit warm for the walkers. Starting just past 10:30 AM after the Lincoln Park 5K runs, the 15K National race walk got underway. This years event started a little differently than most 15K with many of the top women in the race intending to extend the race to 20K in hopes of acheiving either an Olympic A Standard of 1:33:30 or the U.S. Olympic Trials standard of 1:48.

With both then men and women starting together, the beginning of the race was a sea of race walking bodies. Training partners three-time Olympian Curt Clausen and Olympic A-Stardard Qualifier John Nunn, took out the pace right from the gun. The were followed closely by the women attempting an A Standard Teresa Vail, Michelle Rohl, Amber Antonia, and Joanne Dow (already has the standard) followed out at a quick pace.


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