2004 Penn Relays - Post Race Kayak Race Photo Story

Everyone who attends the Penn Relays knows its not about the race walk, its about the post race Kayak race. This year's venue featured a battle of the ages. Pitted decade of race walking against decade of race walking we split into 3 teams. The 80's team had just Ray Sharp, Elizabeth Paxton and myself. Sharp and I agreed to do a double with the New millenium team (Allison Snochowski, Dana Vered, Bernadette McNulty, Amber Antonia, and Matt Dormond) and the 90's team (Allen James, Marie Woodland, Margret Ditchburn, Susan Armenta and Michael Roth) having 5 competitors. Deciding who would get the bye, Sharp and James battled at rock/paper/sissors. Sharp was victorious and the race day was set.

Race One: 90's vs New Millenium

The new millenium team lead off with your friendly neighborhood lap counter, Matt Dormand, while the 90's team lead off with local race walker and Team in Training Coach Marie Woodland.

After opening up a large lead, Allison Snochowski took over the paddles for the new millenium team while Susan Armenta persued.

The third leg saw Ditchburn close the gap on local race walker Bernadette McNulty.

Chosing not to race in the walks today, Dana Vered saved herself for the kayak relay. Battling Paxton, it looked like the new millenium team was in control.

With Antonia taking it out, things looked good. However, the new millenium team was not taking any chances. Aside from secretly planting a large rock in the 90's team boat, young Allison took one for the team and leaped onto Allen's boat. Allen, ever the diplomat, had no hesitation to throw her off.

Things looked like they were all wrapped up, until Antonia followed an age old tradition started by Emma Carter, the flip. After a nice bath, she finished strong, but James took her out.

Race Two: 80's vs 90's
In the second race, the 90's team held there own, but the strength of vetern kayakers Sharp and Salvage, proved too much as they opened a wide lead. Of course, this isn't about winning, its about the splashing. Salvage not only doused James, who had no response for the younger more overall athletically inclined Salvage (sorry Allen). Then at the turn around, Salvage waited for Ditchburn and gave her a good soaking. Too good in fact as Ditchburn got out of the turn ahead. Helped by her teammate James, she maintained her lead while the host dodged many large projectiles lobbed around him. Thankfully James did not have the holy handgrenade of Antiok.

The anchor legs of the 80s and 90s team saw Sharp with great determination and a little help from Roth's poor turning skills take the title home for the 80s Team!

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