2004 Olympic Race Walking Photo Story

After a few disqualifications and attrition due to the heat, Caohong Yu was posed for a bronze medal with only a few hundred meters in between him and the finish line in the stadium. While he was showing obvious signs of the stress from the heat, he appeared to be in far better shape than Nizhegorodov.  Without timing the interval, it seemed that Yu had too much ground to make up to vi for the silver.

When Russia's Aleksey Voyevodin cruised by, I did not think he had much of a chance to medal.  At least 30 seconds behind Caohong Yu I assumed that over the remaining ~700 meters that Yu would hang on.  I was wrong.  Voyevodin must have put on quite a surge going into the stadium, because he passed Yu and stole the bronze medal in the last moments of the race.  Voyevodin finished 3rd in a time of 3:43:34 opening an 11 second lead over Yu who finished 4th in a time of 3:43:45.

Spain's Jesus Angel Garcia had been quietly working his way up the field since breaking away from the second pack with Voyevodin.  Garcia finished 5th in a time of 3:44:42.

Poland's Roman Magdziarczyk and Grzegorz Sudol would have liked to have joined Korzeniowski on the medal platform for a clean sweep for Poland, however they would have to settle for 6th and 7th respectively in times of 3:48:11 and 3:49:09.

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