2004 Olympic Race Walking Photo Story

Watching Korzeniowski walk was a thing of beauty.  His focus and machine-like march was without equal.  In contrast, Russia's Nizhegorodov not only didn't look comfortable, but he looked as far from comfortable and fluid as imaginable.  What is amazing is that Nizhegorodov can look this uncomfortable and yet walk world record speeds.

These speeds were fast enough to lap last place walker Philip Dunn.

As predicted, the pace of the lead pack was quickening. In fact, it was too quick for Latvia's Aigars Fadejevs as he became the first victim to fall off the pace.  By the 15K mark, the 5K splits had dropped to 21:39.

More than willing to pass him by, were Voyevodin and Spain's Jesus Angel Garcia (1587). The two had broken away from the second pack and were eager to see those unable to keep up with the pass falter.

Meanwhile, the rest of the 2nd pack still walked together as a tight-knit group.

Here our leaders approach the aid stations.  Each station was marked for a country(ies) that it specifically provided aid for.

Still behind the 2nd pack, one wondered if Perez was going to mount an attack.

While Clausen was attempting to mount an attack of his own, he lowered his pace from about 9:30's to the low 9:20's.  Unfortunately, while his pace quickened, so did the pace of most of the walkers in the front half of the race.  From starting in about 20th place, Clausen fell back to 28th place by 15K

Our leaders, predictable as ever, continued to accelerate.  They clocked the next 5K in 21:27, finishing 20K in 1:27:54.

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