2004 Olympic Race Walking Photo Story

Not content with staying in the back for long, by 5K Jefferson Perez starts to march forward.  The question was would Curt Clausen make his move with him?


Meanwhile, Philip Dunn continues on his march alone.

While most walkers were moving ahead, the judges claimed their first victim, Takayuki, Tanii (Japan, 2297).

Working his way up, Jefferson Perez was not content to stay back.  Neither was Latvia's Modris Liepins.

One could look at the hundreds of photographs of the lead pack (and I did) and not be able to tell when in the race they were taken. The group stayed together, coasting through the next 5K in a relatively lackadaisical 22:27.

Over the 1st 10K of the race, a split in the 2nd pack did finally occur with Russia's Aleksey Voyevodin and Norway's Trond Nymark pulling ahead.  The duo were not too far back from the lead pack that they could strike upon any faulting walkers with easy.


Meanwhile, according to the Eastler statistic machine, Clausen was walking a relatively constant 49:12 at 10K.  His laps ranged from the low 9:20's to the mid 9:30's.  Usually, Clausen negative splits a 50K, hopefully that would be his plan for today.

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