2004 Olympic Race Walking Photo Story

After completing the first lap of the 2K loop, the stage was certainly set for the next half of the race.  The two lead packs had merged and walked together in unison. While there was no true leader, it appeared as if Korzeniowksi was guiding the herd.


The second pack settled in as well, lead by Mexico's German Sanchez (2527).


The third pack, saw America's Curt Clausen leading Jefferson Perez.

Meanwhile, Philip Dunn fell back into last place.

By 5K, the pack lead the race in 22:21.  As most elite 50K's go, the race pace was slow, however world class 50K walkers negative split throughout most of a 50K.  Starting slow allows the walkers to burn more fat and save carbohydrates for later.

While those of us watching the race got to see the pack from the front, most of the walkers had the following view.

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