2004 Olympic Race Walking Photo Story

After all of the drama at the Sydney Games there certainly was tension in the air for a good clean race here in Athens.  The women did not disappoint.

Sadly there are few comments that I can add to the photographs. The race started with a huge tight pack with the favorites all up front. 

Right from the start Russia's Ivanova Olimpiada seemed to want to set the pace and take control.  Leading a pack of about 12-15 walkers, the women marched in unison as if part of an army.

Some walkers like hometown favorite Athanasia Tsoumeleka were content to start just off the pack.  Way in the distance can be spotted USA favorite Teresa Vail (See back left).

In the front of the pack, it was all business.

Teresa Vail goes by planted midway through the pack.  Teresa started in about 38th place, as scoped by Tom Eastler, and hovered around that position most of the race.

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