2004 US 50km Race Walking Olympic Trials Photo Story

By 40K, the race was changing once again. As I snapped off the last of a record breaking 1500 photographs for an event covered by (Yes I know my finger will be quite sore), many spectators commented upon the amazing number of surges, deaths, and comebacks all within a single race. Those that have raced the grueling 50K know that its never a straight path to glory.

Shortly after 40K, Seaman learned why he usually specializes in the 50K. After the race he stated that he felt good at 35K and thought he could get the 4 hour standard. By 40K however, the story was different. Clausen pulled away, marching on pace for another Olympic berth.

Meanwhile, with Heppner fading, the race for 3rd was far from over. Dunn recovers from whatever funk he was in and starts charging back into contention. No chance for a 4 hour mark, whoever finished in the top 3 still had other opportunities (like the World Cup) to reach the mark. While it is still possible to make the Olympic team if you do not finish in the top 3, selection would follow in the order of finish from todays race (assuming they got the standard at a later date). A top three finish, would at least ensure the athlete controlled their own destiny. Seemingly out of it, Sean Albert starts to make group on Heppner as well.

While the battle raged on in the front, the likes of Theron Kissenger and company continued to work it.

Some pictures need no explanation. This one says it all.

Clausen, walking alone and confident on his way to victory!

I've got a lot more great shots, but alas, I have to get some non-race walking work done.

Final results are as follows:

  1. Curt Clausen, 3:58:24
  2. Tim Seaman, 4:08:06
  3. Philip Dunn, 4:18:33
  4. Sean Albert, 4:18:33
  5. Al Heppner, 4:23:52
  6. Ben Shorey, 4:27:38
  7. Dave McGovern, 4:37:30
  8. Theron Kissinger, 4:41:53
  9. Gary Morgan, 4:45:26
  10. Steve Quirk, 4:46:29
  11. David Doherty, 4:51:35
  12. Nicholas Bdera, 5:04:31
  13. John Soucheck, DQ
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