2004 US 50km Race Walking Olympic Trials Photo Story

How quickly things change in a 50K. From 30K to 40K a great many racers experienced first hand the difficulty of competing in the longest footrace in the Olympic Games. Smiles rapidly evaporated, but even quicker did the leads built over 30K.

Heppner, who looked so strong and in complete control, lost it and lost it fast. Olympic veterans Tim Seaman and Curt Clausen took control. Walking stride for stride from 30K to 40K, they marched with negative splits targetting the 4:00 standard. It proved a pace that the pack and Heppner couldn't handle.

Heppner wasn't the only one that stuggled, Just about everyone was having trouble. In a shock to the fans, Soucheck was DQ'd.

With athletes slowing all around them, the fans were still in great spirits. Of course they had chairs and catered food! Maybe Shoery was getting some of that catering, because he continued to look great.

By 40K the splits were as follows:

  1. Tim Seaman, 3:11:58
  2. Curt Clausen, 3:11:58
  3. Al Heppner, 3:15:41
  4. Sean Albert, 3:18:15
  5. Philip Dunn, 3:18:15
  6. Ben Shorey, 3:30:43
  7. Dave McGovern, 3:34:32
  8. Theron Kissinger, 3:40:34
  9. David Doherty, 3:42:49
  10. Steve Quirk, 3:41:29
  11. Gary Morgan, 3:44:37
  12. Nicholas Bdera, 23:55:45
  13. John Soucheck, DQ
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