2004 US 50km Race Walking Olympic Trials Photo Story

From 20K to 30K Heppner continued to dominate. Expanding his lead to nearly 2 minutes over the main pack, everybody was a cheering. Especially the cheerleaders.

But Heppner was all business.

Of course, when the Dynamic Duo of Double D Doherty and Dave McGovern come by. It's another story. What could have caused the cheerleaders to have this expression?

While the pack was still together at 26K, but...

Sean Albert and Tim Seaman make a move, or at least they held pace as Curt Clausen and Philip Dunn fade a bit.

However, by 30K, the Clausen had rejoined the pack

By 30K the splits were as follows:

  1. Al Heppner, 2:23:04
  2. Sean Albert, 2:24:59
  3. Tim Seaman, 2:24:54
  4. Curt Clausen, 2:24:55
  5. Philip Dunn, 2:25:43
  6. Dave McGovern, 2:38:05
  7. David Doherty, 2:40:05
  8. Ben Shorey, 2:40:24
  9. Theron Kissinger, 2:41:21
  10. Steve Quirk, 2:43:26
  11. Gary Morgan, 2:43:47
  12. John Soucheck, 2:46:30
  13. Nicholas Bdera, 2:50:29
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