2004 US 50km Race Walking Olympic Trials Photo Story

The story continues with Al Heppner steadily and methodically pulling away from the pack. Looking smooth and in control, Heppner takes control of the race. By 20K, Heppner has built a 47 second lead and looks as if on a mission to erase the ghosts of the 2000 trials where in third place he got hyperthermia and was forced to drop out. The remainer of the group, which included Clausen again (apparently recovered from his problems), seemed content to walk at their pace. Their pace was actually slower than the 4 hour pace required for a guaranteed berth on the Olympic Team. While to the novice this might seem a poor race strategy, negative splitting is fairly common in 50K's.

By 20K the splits were as follows:

  1. Al Heppner, 1:35:25
  2. Sean Albert, 1:36:19
  3. Curt Clausen, 1:36:19
  4. Tim Seaman, 1:36:20
  5. Philip Dunn, 1:36:22
  6. David Doherty, 1:44:41
  7. Dave McGovern, 1:44:41
  8. Gary Morgan, 1:45:02
  9. Theron Kissinger, 1:47:29
  10. Ben Shorey, 1:47:29
  11. Steve Quirk, 1:49:26
  12. John Soucheck, 1:50:20
  13. Nicholas Bdera, 1:52:09
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