2002 USA 50km Race Walking Nationals Photo Story

The 2002 50K National Race Walk Championships proved to be a race to the end. With many lead changes throughout the race, the walkers from ARCO created quite an exciting afternoon.

The race started under near perfect weather conditions. A slight breeze from the 500M to 1500M mark of the loop proved quite refreshing.

Just before the start of the race

The gun goes off
Right from the gun, the packs formed. In an early show of strength, the Enrique Pena’s walkers from ARCO took an early lead. Some non-ARCO walkers took a look around in the lead pack, but for how long?

A second group of walkers was lead by Susan Armenta. Unknown to Susan she bested my competition with Theron Kissinger for who would smile the most during the race. Susan won and she wasn’t officially entered in the contest. Walking with Susan are Dave “I’m not drinking any more” Doherty (A source close to says this isn’t true!) and Col. Steve Pecinovsky.

Finally, because every train needs its caboose, Jeff Salvage and Bill Vayo are taking up the rear.

Lead pack on the first lap

Susan leading her pack

The caboose
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