2000 USA Race Walking Olympic Trials Photo Story

This is what it is all about (left) a happy mom and sis. They've waited many years to call their son an Olympian! Ok, its also about getting cool medals and trophies (below).

Final Results

1.  1:25:41 Tim Seaman, NYAC  2.  1:26:38 Kevin Eastler, U.S. Air Force  3.  1:28:06 Andrew Herman, Multnomah AC  4.  1:32:24 Michael Rohl, New Balance  5.  1:32:39 Philip Dunn, Pro-Cor Track Club  6.  1:32:57 John Nunn, Phast  7.  1:33:28 Ian Whatley, Potomac Valley TC  8.  1:35:28 Dave McGovern, New Balance  9.  1:37:39 Jonathan Matthews, New Balance  10. 1:41:57 Matthew DeWitt, Wisconson Parkside  DQ  Sean Albert

A special thanks to RWI for providing the splits! 

Not too shabby

How much do you think he'll sell it for?
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