2000 USA Race Walking Olympic Trials Photo Story

Andrew surging ahead!
The lead pack went by too fast for me to get them on film (11K 47:19). That's not to take anything away from Andrew, who was now walking well ahead of the rest of the field, coming through 11K at 48:09. At this point Sean Albert dropped the hammer and established a nice lead for 4th place (48:09 at 11K). Unfortunately for John, he continued to fade (49:15 at 11K). Fortunately for John, Ian continued to fade as well (49:35 at 11K). But the stealth walker, Mr. Mike Rohl was just getting his groove on. (11K in 49:39). This would make the next few laps real interesting! More...

John struggling a bit
should have gotten away from the graffitist.
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