2000 USA Race Walking Olympic Trials Photo Story

By 5K the battle lines had been drawn. Training partners Tim Seaman and Kevin Eastler pull away from the field, hitting 5K in 21:37. Wouldn't most of us be happy walking one 5K at that pace. How many of us would be happy being capable of running a 5K that fast? By this point, Andrew Hermann pulled ahead of Ian Whatley, who appears to have gotten out just a bit fast. The next battle continued to form between Sean Albert and John Nunn, who continue to walk stride for stride, and come through 5K at 22:20. Mike Rohl is now 20 seconds back at 22:40, but keeping his site ahead. Behind him Matthews (22:41), McGovern (23:04), Dunn (23:10), and Dewitt(24:40) follow. More...


Sean Albert and John Nunn the battle continues!

Dave McGovern taking a break 
from his book tour to walk the trails

Phillip Dunn, pacing himself after already qualifing in the 50K Team 

Tim and Kevin continue stride for stride as they finish up the 3rd loop
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