2000 USA Race Walking Olympic Trials Photo Story

By 3K the race started to take shape. Gary Morgan had been the first casualty, dropping out due to pre-existing injuries. Tim Seaman and Kevin Eastler moved into the 1st and 2nd position, dropping the pace quite a bit, with Ian Whatley following right on their heels. Andrew Herman dropped into the 4th position a mere 4 seconds behind at 3K. The next battle started between Sean Albert and John Nunn. Both came though 3K at 13:25. Just 6 seconds back, maybe still feeling the effects of the tough 50K race here a few months ago was Jonathan Matthews at 13:31. 5 seconds behind him was Mike Rohl, whose wife won the 20K women's walk a week ago, followed and came through 3K at 13:36. The rest of the field followed closely behind. More...


Andrew Herman currently in 4th

Sean Albert and John Nunn start the battling!

Jonathan Matthews keeping the pack in sight
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