2000 USA Race Walking Olympic Trials Photo Story

The race started in the stadium, but's photographer, me, positioned himself on the road so he would catch the real action. Before the race, I went up to Tim Seaman and said that "The word is the race is yours to win or lose", he replied, "The race is mine to win!". Definitely the favorite, one would expect him to go out in a controlled pace with his teammates abound. After two laps on the track and then a quick few steps to the road course, I expected to see Tim leading the group. To my, and many peoples surprise, Ian Whatley took the early lead.

1K Splits
Ian Whatley - 4:25
Tim Seaman - 4:28
Phillip Dunn, Andrew Herman, Kevin Eastler, Jonathan Matthews, Sean Albert, John, Nunn and Gary Morgan - 4:30
Mike Rohl and Dave McGovern - 4:40
Matt Dewitt - 4:48


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